Family Shoot Tatjana Sovio

This is the lovely family of Tatjana Sovio, the girl in the middle with the yellow dress. She lives in Canada, but was born in Germany originally, just as her sisters and brother. They all still live in Germany (accept for Tatjana), so they don’t see each other very often. That’s why they try to get together once a year and have a family holiday. They stayed at ‘Het land van Bartje’ in Ees last week. While Tatjana was googling for a photographer who could do a family shoot in Drenthe, my name popped up. And I’m glad it did…! Because otherwise I’d never met these beautiful (crazy;) people!


Adriaen van der Doeslaan 50a

3054 EG Rotterdam


Mede door de Corona crisis zijn er veel bruiloften van 2020 naar 2021 verplaatst en is het extra druk. Wil je weten of ik nog beschikbaar ben op jullie trouwdatum check dan hieronder mijn beschikbaarheid.